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Terms of Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before using this site
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All content available on Healthkosh site, including graphics, text, images and information, are for informational purposes only. While we put in our best possible efforts to provide genuine and reliable information, we strongly recommend against any kind of self medication based on this information. The content is not any kind of professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. It is advised to seek the help of your physician or some qualified health provider with regard to any queries about a medical condition

Healthkosh does not endorse or recommend a particular test, physician, opinion, or other information that may be mentioned on the site. Any information provided by Healthkosh and others appearing on the site, should be relied upon solely at your own risk. Human body is a complex system and generic advise being published here may or may not suit your specific condition or requirements.

HealthKosh does not offer medical or legal advice. Our aim is to provide our customers access to quality services at affordable prices. HealthKosh helps you to find medical treatments at clinics and hospitals. The role of HealthKosh is to act as a marketing agent for medical facilities, doctor,s profile and to provide medical treatment packages. HealthKosh does not offer any medical advice and is in no way liable for the actions of third parties. By signing this disclaimer and accepting terms of conditions you are aware of and acknowledge the role of HealthKosh as described. You further accept that the decision to have medical treatment and at the desired location is your decision and that you are aware of any risks involved

Using the Healthkosh website and its content is at your own risk. When Healthkosh site is used, the information is transmitted over a medium that may be beyond the control and jurisdiction of Healthkosh. The site assumes no liability for or relating to the delay, failure of any data or information available related to the use of Healthkosh.

Though we make our best efforts to make our website most accurate, reliable, complete and up to date, with regard to our content, software, text, graphics, links or communications provided, but Healthkosh does not guarantee this all the time. We do not warranty about the satisfaction of any government regulations that require disclosure of information on prescription drug products or approval of any software tools regarding the content contained on Healthkosh.

In no circumstances, Healthkosh and its administrators be liable for any damages, (like, without limitation, incidental and consequential damages, personal injury/wrongful death, lost profits, or damages resulting from lost data or business interruption) resulting from use of or inability to use Healthkosh or its content, which may be based on warranty, contract, tort and any other legal theory. Healthkosh is not liable for any personal injury, including death, caused by the misuse of the site or content.

Remedies under these Terms of Use are exclusive and are limited to those expressly provided for in these Terms of Use.

You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold Healthkosh, its officers, directors, employees, agents, and suppliers, harmless from and against any claims, actions or demands, liabilities and settlements including without limitation, reasonable legal and accounting fees, resulting from, or alleged to result from, your violation of these Terms of Use.

User Submissions
IAs a HealthKosh user you may contribute a wide variety of content in form of articles, discussions and comments.

  • You shall be responsible for all these submissions and the consequences of posting or publishing them. You affirm, represent, and warrant that: you own or have the necessary licenses, rights, consents, and permissions to use and authorize HealthKosh to use all patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights in and to any and all User Submissions to enable inclusion and use of the Submissions in the manner contemplated by us.
  • For clarity, you retain your ownership rights of your Submissions. However, by contributing User Submissions to HealthKosh, you hereby grant us a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, and transferable license to use, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of, display the Submissions in connection with the HealthKosh website, including without limitation for promoting and redistributing part of the Website (and derivative works thereof) in any media formats and through any media channels. You also hereby grant all users of HealthKosh a non-exclusive license to access your Submissions through the Website. The above licenses granted by you in are perpetual and irrevocable.
  • You further agree that you will not, in connection with Submissions, submit material that is contrary to applicable local, national, and international laws and regulations.
  • HealthKosh does not endorse any Submission or any opinion, recommendation, or advice expressed therein, and expressly disclaims any and all liability in connection with Submissions. Since HealthKosh deals in a sensitive domain, you are advised and requested to be responsible while submitting to HealthKosh. HealthKosh does not permit copyright infringing activities and infringement of intellectual property rights on its Website, and will remove all Content and User Submissions if properly notified that such Content or User Submission infringes on another's intellectual property rights. HealthKosh reserves the right to remove Content and User Submissions without prior notice.

Healthkosh is a website based in New Delhi, India. The provisions of Liability, User Submissions, Indemnity, Jurisdiction, and Complete Agreement survive the expiration or termination of this Agreement for any reason. These Terms of Use and the Healthkosh Privacy Policy are the entire agreement between you and Healthkosh with respect to the use of the Site and Content. Thank you for your cooperation. We hope you find the Healthkosh site helpful and convenient to use.
Effective: October 2009